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At KTPC Pools and Concrete Resurfacing we believe the best way to develop our business is by one, hiring the right people and two, pay them well for their work.

For us we understand that these days a lot of people are forced to work reduced hours or have had their jobs eliminated by restructuring do to Covid. It’s unfortunate but that’s what’s happened to a lot of people.

KTPC isn’t in a position to hire a full time staff to deal with generating leads and we don’t want to hire some over priced big corporation from who knows where to generate leads for us, WE WANT TO KEEP IT LOCAL.

That’s our goal and direction

What does that mean for you?

It’s simple, we will give you all the tools to promote KTPC Pools and a means to build relationships with people which will turn into sales hopefully. SALES!!!! Don’t worry you don’t have to do any selling, we look after that….DID I MENTION WE’RE REALLY GOOD AT IT TOO!!!

So You’re wonder if you don’t have to sell anything then how do you make money, right?

Here’s the simple part, Every pool that we sell from a lead you generate you receive a minimum of $500, if the customer ends up buying a lot of addition products or upgrades you earn more.

How do I generate leads?

Glad you asked….We will build you your very own website, we will provide you with a special link (OR A PROMO CODE AS WE CALL IT) the link is exclusive to you and you alone, when a customer contacts us to inquire about having a pool install we already know that the lead is yours thanks to the link that they found us through your efforts.

We provide you access to a page full of ads or post that you can use or as you get rolling and have an idea for one we will do our best to design it for you, you can also use any of the images our text from the website as well.

Armed with all this media you simply start posting in Facebook groups, your page, Twitter, Pincrest, Instagram where ever you want, we here TIC TOK is big right now too, WE HAVE Videos you can use.

Your post could look something like this.


As you can see it will be your own link that takes them to a promotion page on your website, here’s the link to the promotion

Your link will be different, Tailored just for you, visit the page please and you will see why people will want to grab this great offer and contact us through your link.

PLEASE NOTE: ON THE PAGE I JUST SENT YOU THERE IS A PROMO CODE AT THE BOTTOM on your website you will have a custom promo code that is yours and yours alone, if you clicked on the button on that page you should notice that they need to add in your promo code to send the request.

It’s a pretty easy way to make money!!!

And the best part is you can do it at your pace, anytime you have time to share a few posts or tweets perfect, but as you know the more effort the more chances you have!


Now we’re not going to tell you your going to get rich or make a $1,000,000 a day our any of that other BS you see online pretty much every day, HECK you might not make a dime if you don’t put any effort in, and that’s a fact.

What I can tell you is that you are representing a high quality product line installed by a team of professionals.

Did we mention you could have 1 lead earn you MONEY over and over again?

We didn’t did we, Yup that’s right, let us explain how….

Say your lead from Mr.Smith turns into a sale WELL FANTASTIC you just made $500 Minimum BUT IT DOESN’T STOP THERE

We offer Mr. Smith a REFERRAL PACKAGE, so Mr. Smith tells Mr. Jones who ends up buying a pool, BINGO another $500 for you…..and it keeps going from there. You plant the seeds so you can pick the fruit from the tree you started….Pretty Cool Eh!!!

There has to be a catch! How much is all this going to cost me?


That’s Right! Not A Single Dime Ever…. Why would we charge you to come work for us?

So What Do You Say? Are You Ready To Join Our Team….

Maybe you have a few questions still?

Either Way, Contact Us At;

And let’s start growing the business together…


Please spread the word :)

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